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Mr Andrew Tenn is very patient, knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

Highly recommend his service.

Janett M.

Firstly Andrew is of very pleasant personality, easy to talk to, outstanding individual who takes appointments and being on time seriously.

I can vouch that he values every person’s needs/requests deeply and tries to satisfy them. He is knowledgeable in his field as well as locations etc. I value his diligence and will recommend him any time as a suitable realtor. He has my best regards.

Cherianna B.

Great to work with.

Able to get things done and communicate with all parties. Definitely recommend!

Nick H.

Andrew is great at seeing your deal to the very end.

He knows the right people and he puts all his time into helping you find that perfect home. We are extremely happy to have him as our realtor.

Karen L.

Andrew has an excellent and very good experience in the business.

He walked me to the whole process with an excellent professionalism and respect.he showed me a lot of things I needed to know, when you are buying a house and thank to his knowledge and experience I could go through the process very easy and smoothly.

Robelt T.

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